Kipp needed me to come hang out for a bit at lunchtime for a few days

Hi! I’m Kasey, I’m so glad you’re here!  I created this space so I can share my pet sitting experience with you.  All the pets I’ve cared for are shown here…dogs that come to “vacation” at my home as well as pets I’ve gone to visit at their homes/farms.  I’ve made so many great, new friends..puppies and kittens, farm animals and pets needing medication, extra love and attention.  I’d love the opportunity to meet you and your pets, they will be well taken care of when you are traveling or at work or sick…or whatever may pop up!  I charge anywhere from $5/day-$30/day (including overnights) per dog, discounts for 2 dogs staying at the same time.

Please email me with questions and/or your phone number, I’ll get back with you as quickly as I can.  I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Kasey/Mrs. P.

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Harley and Lola

I get to visit these two loves every weekday so we can take a walk together before I pick Ruby and Judah up for afternoon daycare 🙂  They are SO very cool!!!



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This guy had to wear his fancy cone most of the time so his leg could heal after an operation. He did, however, have a fantastic time cone free in the back yard once in a while playing with my dogs, Zeppelin and Trixie!!!! Labs are SO silly 🙂


Here is a video of crazy Chester 😀

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Lily had a ton of fun visiting us for a week! She’s such a fun girl, we hope she comes back to see us again!


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Rambo and Rocco

Two of Judah’s foster brothers came to hang out for 1/2 day camp! Big Rambo is the sweetest gentle giant I’ve ever met. We are all SO happy that he was adopted and lives with a loving family in the mountains!!! I’m so glad we got to get to know him! Little Rocco was also adopted by a woman with 2 other tiny pups so he has friends and a wonderful place to live!
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WHAT a doll!!!! Colossus will be spending long weekends with us while his dad works. He fits right in and is totally sweet and funny. We’re so glad to have a new buddy and hope he likes his weekend home!


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Here’s a new little cutie that came for a week! We LOVE having teeny pups come to snuggle up on our laps. Skipper cracks us up and is welcome here any time at all!

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RUBY!  Little Miss Sweetheart Ruby comes for 1/2 day doggie camp because her mama just went back to work full time.  I pick her up and bring her back to the house to play and hang out.  She is everyone’s buddy!

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This is Woof!  He came for a long weekend and got along great with everybody 🙂  We loved having an oversized cuddle machine in the house and can’t wait to have him come visit again!


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Kipling is Judah and C.C.’s GORGEOUS neighbor.  He needed some love and exercise mid-day while his dad was at work and mom was out of town and we loved hanging out with him for a few days!

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