Taos and Murphy

Fuzzy, cuddly Taos and little, lady Murphy.  Great doggies, always super happy to see everyone!  I ususally watch them over 4th of July weekend..poor Murphy is NOT a fan of fireworks so we give her a lot of extra treats, love and attention.

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This is Esther, a sweet old lady who needs some extra help, hugs and pets.  Such a mellow girl, she comes in and makes herself at home.  She likes keeping an eye on the chickens and even a little playtime with Zeppelin!

“We have a very sweet and very fragile geriatric greyhound who requires a little more attention and love than most.  Because of this, we typically don’t leave on vacation.  However, when I learned that Kasey offers petsitting, we planned something right away!  Kasey not only took our sweet old lady in, but treated her so spectacularly well while we were away that I could barely get Esther to leave the house and return home with me.  A good problem to have, if you ask me.  Kasey built her a retirement home setting where she could be comfortable and access outside easily (with her very weak back legs), gave her all of her meds, and even slept beside her the first night to make sure she was ok! And literally when I came to pick her up, Esther was bouncing around the backyard, happy as a clam, with no intent to leave.  We so strongly recommend Kasey’s pet sitting services – we just can’t say enough about her.  Caring, fun-loving, amazing.  Thank you Kasey!” – Amanda C.

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This is our friend Toshi, he fits right in around here!  Toshi is epileptic and needs a few different medications twice a day, no problem, he gobbles them right down.  He gets upset when he’s left alone so our place is great…Zeppelin, Trixie and Orbit keep him company when I have to run out and everybody is happy!  Toshi is a very smart, cuddly boy, we just love him!


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He’ll fetch a ball all day long!  He crawls under the covers to sleep with my daughter at night, pretty funny!

“Hey, I’m Ivanhoe and I love my second home!  I gots lots of yard to run in and toys to play with, doggie friends, and lots of attention from Ms. Kasey!  The yard is kept clean and she feeds me like my owner asks…I almost hate to go home!”

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Jackson and Trinity

Jackson the enormous dog and Trinity the teeney tiny cat live around the corner.  I’m in love with them both!

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Summer is a lab/husky mix and is a pleasure to have around.  She can match Zeppelin’s energy…almost.  Everybody has a fun day and sleeps well at night.

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Coco sits with us the whole time she’s here….unless she’s out playing with Trixie 🙂

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Lilly lives at the farm but sometimes while I’m farm animal sitting I bring her home with me, especially if it’s very cold outside.  She has a heated doghouse there but we love having her here!



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Bailey came for the day, he played and relaxed and snoozed.

Smiley Bailey

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Jezzy and Penny

Sometimes Jezzy and Penny come to my house and sometimes I take care of them at theirs.  They have 2 kitties that live with them who are a little nervous around people so I don’t have a picture of them yet.

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