Jackson and Trinity

on January 11, 2012

Jackson the enormous dog and Trinity the teeney tiny cat live around the corner.  I’m in love with them both!


One response to “Jackson and Trinity

  1. Brook C. Johnson says:

    Kasey has known my furbabies since they were brand new additions to the family. She has been through Jackson’s wild puppy days and he knows that he can sucker her into petting him endlessly when she comes to visit. Trinity knows she can always take advantage of Mrs. P’s lap and they are both always so happy to see her! It’s a comfort knowing that Kasey is right around the corner and has a key to let herself in whenever we need her to check on Jackson and Trinity and let Jackson out if we are gone for awhile. It’s EXTRA handy because she is usually baby-sitting our son at the same time so the hubby and I can slip away for an overnight trip and know that ALL our kids are taken care of WONDERFULLY! Kasey is the best!

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